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EBBT : The Airfield of Brasschaat was founded in 1910. It's the oldest military airfield in Belgium.  In 2006, all military activities were suspended as a result of shutting down the "School van het Lichte Vliegwezen". From that moment on, the airfield's concession is managed by KACB, the Koninklijke Aeroclub Brasschaat. KACB is divided in two departments being a motorized aeroclub (this website) and one for gliding activities (  Both departments are independant, but have a tight relationship in regard to KACB.


KACB vzw, the "Koninklijke Aeroclub Brasschaat", is formed from a PPL and ULM department.  Currently, we have more then 120 flying members.  Our fleet is built on two 2-person Cruisers PS-28, two 4-person Cessna's 172, one Piper taildragger and one ULM airplane, a Rans Coyote S6.  KACB vzw is the exploitant of the airfield.


The KACB has been certified as an official Registered Facility (RF), which enables us to provide you with the full theoretical and practical course for PPL and ULM licences.  You can find more information further on this website.


Visitors are welcome during opening hours.  There's a small cantina, where you can have a drink, a snack and a chat.

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